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Freedom Kids is a children's ministry designed to teach children in an age appropriate, safe, fun and engaging way, creating different environments and set-ups for different age groups. We teach the principles of the Bible, and always help our children to follow Jesus. We love our children and make it a priority to invest our time and resources into them.




Our vision is to make Freedom Kids fun! We have brilliant volunteers who are going to sing songs, do craft, play games, and build friendship with children, helping them engage in the group and make coming to church the best day of the week!




We are passionate that children know about the love, kindness and teaching of Jesus. We write and use material that makes understanding and learning the bible relevant for children in a way that is relevant to their lives and set them on a path where they can know who God is for themselves.  



Every child that walks through our doors is precious to us at Freedom Church and because of this we have safeguarding policies in place to protect the children that are in our care on Sundays. This includes relevant background checks and training for volunteers that will prioritise safety in our Freedom Kids environments. 


You can register your children ahead of coming along here

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